Educational Goals and Objectives

The goals of the George Washington University Critical Care fellowship program are to provide fellows with the knowledge base and clinical experience to successfully evaluate and treat medical and surgical conditions that require admission to the critical care unit. Our goal is to provide the trainees with the guidance and education needed to develop as the future leaders at the field of critical care, as they develop the skills and expertise needed to provide evidence-based medicine through professional and compassionate care. Commonly encountered conditions include sepsis, acute and chronic respiratory failure, acute renal failure, hemodynamic instability, overdoses and poisonings, acute neurologic insults, electrolyte and endocrine emergencies, coagulation disorders, post-operative and post major trauma complications.

As a mixed medical/surgical unit, the ICU fellow will also develop expertise in the management of patients with trauma, neurosurgical emergencies, cardiac, and critical obstetric and gynecologic disorders. Both the faculty and the sponsoring institution are fully committed to provide the educational program, resources, and facilities to meet these goals.